Modernizing Your Datacenter

In today's economy, you must disrupt or be disrupted. The foundation to lead is by investing in a modern datacenter.

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Modern datacenters have the ability to provide on demand resources to power your next generation of applications.

Organizations that are thriving have embraced the power of modern datacenters. They empower your application developers and IT operations teams to quickly deploy cloud-native applications, artificial intelligence, new data analytics platforms, and more.

A 2018 whitepaper from IDC found that compared to organizations that have not invested in modern datacenters, those that have were able to:

  • Reduce operational costs by 2.7x
  • Deliver new products and features 46% faster
  • Deliver new IT services 64% faster

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about modern datacenters, including:

The benefits of a modern datacenter

Let’s dive into the five key benefits of tapping into the power of a modern datacenter.

1 Increased business value and reduced costs

Modern datacenters combine on-site infrastructure with cloud technology. This can greatly reduce spend by giving organizations the ability to tailor their data infrastructure specifically to their needs.

  • Don’t have to overpay for capacity
  • Are able to dedicate a smaller in-house footprint
  • Receive continuous backups
  • Are provided with a robust disaster recovery

2 Increased productivity

Effectively managing workflows can be a challenge for any organization. Modern datacenters provide organizations with better tools to streamline operations and create a faster time to value. As a result, organizations are able to focus on more high-value activities.

  • DevOps make it easier to create templates on virtual servers for testing applications and software
  • Management complexity can be reduced
  • Downtimes and disruptions can be minimized

3 Increased efficiency

Modern datacenters can help your organization not only work faster, but better.

  • New applications can be tested and deployed rapidly
  • Automation reduces human errors
  • AI, ML, DL provide insights on vast amounts of data
  • Repetitive tasks are reduced, helping to minimize costly employee churn
The right data infrastructure + incorporating data throughout your organization = digital transformation

4 Unlocked data capital

In a nutshell, data capital is an organization’s use of data to increase value. Modern datacenters excel at helping organizations tap into their data capital by:

  • Analyzing large pools of data quickly
  • Better positioning an organization in an increasingly connected world
  • Providing insights into workflows and market trends
  • Accelerating product development, production, and deployment

5 Digital transformation enablement

It’s a simple equation: The right data infrastructure + incorporating data throughout your organization = digital transformation

An organization lagging behind a competitor in bringing products to market, for example, can find efficiencies and accelerate development via digital transformation. Specifically, digital transformation enables organizations to better compete via:

  • Access to the speed and flexibility of cloud technology
  • Improvements in on-site hardware
  • Ability to put emerging technologies like AI to work as they arrive

Building a modern data platform

Big Data can be described via the Four Vs:

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Veracity
  • Velocity

If any two or more of these Vs fit an organization’s data, then they are dealing with Big Data and should invest in a modern datacenter. Why? Because …

Big Data requires big storage

Not just any storage, however. A storage solution that fits an organization’s specific needs. That means mapping out these components before taking the plunge:

  • Ingestion The point where data is entering your platform, such as social media, IoT devices, customer interactions, etc.
  • Data storage Where your data actually lives and how it is organized
  • Compute What apps you run, whether you’re employing AI or ML
  • Presentation How you’re going to display information derived from your data

Once you’ve determined each of these components, you’re good to go on building out your storage solution.

Before taking the plunge into Big Data, organizations must think strategically about storing it. That means considering ingestion, data storage, compute, and presentation.

Big Data storage has requirements

In general, there are two requirements for any Big Data storage solution. These are:

  • Scale Ability to scale up and down as needed, depending on the flow of data
  • Concurrency Ability to handle concurrency, which means being able to do a number of things at once

Finally, you need to determine whether you want to be agnostic when it comes to your cloud provider or go with one specific provider.

Mistakes to avoid

When building a modern datacenter, there are three common missteps organizations often make.

  1. They fail to understand their own workloads
  2. They try to do too much at once
  3. They attempt to go the DIY route

To avoid these and other mistakes

as well as learn everything you need to know about building a modern datacenter, download our whitepaper A Strategic Approach to Data Storage.

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Modern datacenter success stories

The major dot com

When a well-known online service company was struggling to keep up with competitors in developing and deploying new features for customers, they partnered with Redapt to change the way they worked.

We helped them modernize their datacenter, which helped them to:

  • Move toward a DevOps culture to greatly accelerate their development process
  • Implement a technology stack to match the amount of data they received
  • Scale in a cost-effective way when needed

Read the full dot com case study.


When the innovative car service provider was forced to rely on an outdated infrastructure to handle increasing amounts of data, it had all the makings of a recipe for disaster. Redapt worked with the organization to make a smooth transition from a standard SQL Server setup to a cloud-based SQL Data Warehouse.

Because of this, the organization is now able to:

  • Handle more than four billion records
  • Utilize robust Business Intelligence (BI) tools for analytics
  • Create, customize, and publish innovative and detailed reports

Read the full QuoteWizard case study.

When building a datacenter, there are three common mistakes organizations make: failing to understand workloads, doing too much at once, and going the DIY route.

Getting started with a modern datacenter

Before making a major investment in your organization’s data infrastructure, you need to determine how data storage fits into your overall technology strategy.

Five questions:

  1. What do your employees need to do their jobs effectively?
  2. What processes do you currently have in place?
  3. What tools are critical to your organization, and will they work well with a modern datacenter?
  4. How much are you willing to invest?
  5. What value are you expecting from a modern datacenter?

Learn more about these five questions by reading our recent blog post.

Finding the right partner

Because you’ll have a smoother process — and a better end result — from choosing a partner that is both technically capable and able to understand and translate your business needs, we suggest asking yourself three additional questions:

  1. How much of the modernization process will you be asking partners to manage?
  2. Are you looking for an ongoing relationship, such as system operations and maintenance?
  3. Will you need an array of potential solutions or are you looking for a single recommendation?

Learn more about choosing the right partner by reading our recent blog post.

In conclusion

Embracing the power of modern datacenters can revolutionize how your organization works, profits, and provides value to your customers.

Along with the links we’ve already provided, you can learn more on technology we like for data storage and modern datacenters as a whole.

You can also download our free eBook: Unlocking the Potential of Modern Datacenters.

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Unlocking the Potential of Modern Datacenters

By investing in modern datacenters, companies large and small can leverage the power of the cloud to save money, streamline workflow, increase productivity, maximize data capital, and fully transform into a digital enterprise.


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