Windows Workloads on AWS by Redapt

Architect for a Bright Future

Migrating workloads to AWS is proven to reduce costs, increase agility, and free your talent from non-strategic work.  Redapt is here to accelerate your team in realizing those benefits with services to plan, migrate and operate your Windows workloads on Amazon Web Services.  With hundreds of successful migration projects completed, we’re confident in our ability to move even the most challenging Windows environments.

Making the transition to the cloud will free your IT pros of data center operations tasks.  The change will also help your budget.  The most beneficial aspect of the migration will be your newfound business agility.  When your IT team has cycles to innovate and the ability to try new ideas with minimal investment and risk, IT will deliver more value.  In fact, with your applications and data on AWS, you’ll have an expansive library of robust services to deploy artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and more transformative technologies at your fingertips.

Microsoft Workload Expertise

Redapt is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a team of AWS-certified professionals. We have completed hundreds of successful migration projects, and can work with even the most challenging Windows environments. Our expertise includes:

Our Capabilities

Advanced Data and Analytics

Engineered solutions and the application of data science tools to extract value from data assets.

Application Modernization

SQL Server and data migration services.

.NET and DevOps Enablement

Implementation of a streamlined .NET development and deployment process to accelerate innovation cycles.

Public Migration

SQL Server and data migration services.


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